How It Works

It's simple! You aren't required to "join" to shop and support your favorite cause. You can choose a cause from the list or if your organization is not already on our registry you can apply to have it registered. You will need to have the name, contact name at the organization, address, and telephone number of your organization so you can complete the "register my cause" form. Organizations that are not on our registry are subject to approval by Until an organization is approved by, any earnings will benefit the Alzheimer's Association. We will contact each recommended organization as part of the registry process.

To ensure your purchases help your cause, just begin every online shopping session at, select the cause you'd like to support, and then click and head off to the "mall" to do your shopping.

Once your organization is added to the registry, the funds your shopping trip generates will automatically be tallied and then sent to your cause. It is THAT simple. Remember, for your shopping trip to benefit your cause, you will need to allow "cookies" and begin your shopping here (not the merchant's own website or the emails and catalogs the merchants send you.)

To learn more about how it works and get answers to other questions you may have, be sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you're a representative of an organization, click here to see how we can work together to enhance your relationship with your donors and friends and grow your year-round fund raising opportunities.

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